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Hungarian Arashi Fanblog ver. 2.2



April 3rd, 2008

Sho Beat & TSD

I can't get no satisfaction
I've listened to the last cast of Sho Beat at Aozora.
Sho sounded REALLY sad. (T_T)

I really liked this radio program.
Too bad, it's over. (TT____TT)


Aiba's TSD with KAT-TUN's Kame (19th of January, 2008) however, was so funny! xD

March 29th, 2008

"I go straight."

no money
Marle made some awsome icons with JE conversations.
Check out the #4 in this entry... Aiba & Jin (from KAT-TUN) engrish conversation. 8D

By the way.
I'm seeding the torrent for my Arashi gallery @ JPOPSUKI

March 24th, 2008


I can't get no satisfaction
The Arashi posters I saw at sumoboy's entry are genious.
It'd be a good idea for commercials too, because girls would go all doki-doki zipping down the pants 8D
Aiba's secret was the funniest xD;

March 9th, 2008

Interactive fandom

I can't get no satisfaction
I came back alive from the Sahara, so I bring you some interactivity from my fandoms. :)
Most of them are old stuffs, but still~


I've already read a translation in which jun an ryo had an interview together.
But this time I'd like to show you a video, where Ryo is commenting on Jun.
It's good to hear that those two get along well. After reading Ryo's J-WEB entries, I grew to like him a lot.

By the way... Some fans creat INTERESTING pairing fanvideos from them.
(please don't comment anything bad on their videos @ youtube, if you don't like the pairing itself or anything like that. We all know it's fiction, and they are making it for the fandoms' entertainment, so please behave well ^^; ... )
Thanks for Zsuness for the link

Yeah. That showed my strange site I guess.


I've noticed Chinen in december or so, and after watching ONE POUND GOSPEL I got into the Hey! Say! JUMP fandom with Marle's help 8D
(I'm kinda pedo for them 8D... you know how much I like certain Jr groups <3)

I remembered Chinen's face, because it is really characteristic.
Then I saw the li'l guy in the move, and WOH-WOWWW @_@;;;

He's a 100% pro, he's cute and....He has a good taste 8D

You should watch this Dohmoto Kyoudai. It is up on JPOPSUKI.

I saw Ohno writing him a message in one of the magazines.


(special thanks to Inuhariko)
This video is from GURU GURU 99 - Feb 22

Shake it! @_@

January 13th, 2008

I've read Sandy's news@Ohno Daily.
Ohno Satoshi will have an exhibition from his artworks in Omotesandō hiruzu.
If anybody can go, it'll be open from the 21st of February, and it'll end with February, since it'll be open for 9 days.
It's a very good timing, because it'll open one day after their new single, so basically, he'll get free advertising. (^_^)v

There are 3 'famous' Ohno Satoshis on the net. A Photographer, a long-haired painter, and Riida. It seems like this time it is him! \\(^_^)//

I hope we'll get to see his dolls and paintings .... even his chair! xD
I'm really excited about it this time, since I think that the artworks will open his mind to the audience.
The way he thinks. His dreams, his ambitions, his imagination and fantasy.

Way too cool 8D

I wonder who will go and see o_o... Famous people? His family & friends? The one he is dating? Random shoppers of the mall? Rich people who'll give him work in the future?

I want news already~~~ (^_^);;;;

Gondoljatok bele! Ez kb olyan, mintha valaki a Westendben állítana ki egy sorozatot! O_O
Boldog-boldogtalan oda fog özönleni. Plázacicáktól kezdve a pénzes ürgéken át a túristákig mindenki. 8Dv
Lazaaaa~~~  ^__________^

Heh. Olyan vagyok, mint mikor egy anyukának a gyereke először produkál valamit ^^;


Eh.. I haven't posted in a 1000 years @_@
Anybody knows Ohno's fan, who joined Johnny's because of him? 8D
I've got to know about his existence on a usual Meet.
*pedo mode on*

Uhm~ got any pictures? I'd like to put it out to this entry if you have any~

October 11th, 2007

haaaaiz girls Ayumi's here~~~
I wanted to share my little stuff with you~ It happened before Japanese. My teacher watched an engimono with the other class before us. Okay. He left but the video was still on. And guess what started. Mitsuo~~~ with Ohno (and Yoko XD). I was like DPOGJDOFIGHDOIGJDFOIJGDOFIJGDFOPGJDFPGJDFPO HOMGHOMGHOMGHOMGHOMGHOMG WTFWTFWTF. OHNO AND YOKO ON TV~~~~~~~~~~ *Ayumi shokku* But, we even watched the first ep~~ And guess what. My teacher likes it~~~ <3333 unbelievable~~~ at least for me XD
thanks for your attention and have a nice morning/day/afternoon/night/whatever you want~~~
ayumi deshita.

September 4th, 2007


Oh no !
I was watching the Happiness PV.
Brother: Is this Arashi?
Me: Yeah.
Brother: Did they disband or something?
Me: *turns to him* O_O;; NO!...... why? ^_^;
Brother: I just asked ^_^;... So...  Did they do anything new?
Me: What do you mean? O_O; This is their newewst PV.
Brother: Really? O_O I thought it is from the time they were much younger!!

Moral: Arashi is forever young~   v(^_^);

Well when Sandy showed mme these pics I was absolutely sure about that ._.

Ohno messaging to the Taiwanese fans ~ <3

Oh maaaan... He's drop dead gorgeous >_<
*whining and fangirling*

Happiness PV.... 宮SK ラブ ~~ o,.o

Demi's entry has some awsome funnies~ xD

August 14th, 2007

Seems like the Arashi-girlfriend rumours are growing like mushrooms on rain days.
I guess you all read about the Nino+Nagasawa Masami thing... (My source was Demi. Thank you~ ^_^/ )
I'm actually happy for them if it is true \(^___^)/...
Am I a weird fan to be saying that? O_o;

And... I read his Game Nikki entry where he was mixed up with Narimiya. So funny. xD
Well... he is not the only one in JE. You can read a lot of those cases in j-webs 8D

Oh by the way... I missed one of the MC  translations, where Ohno said they are dating. (I mean Ohno+Nino) Anybody wishing to enlighten me? I'd really like to read it~ ^_^;
Uhm... can it be that he dates two people at once? XD


What can I say... I'm fan of some Juniors too. Kawai Fumito is not my type, but.... his monomane performances are unforgettable. 8D Ayumi-chan made an entry about them, and I couldn't stand talking about it here too 8D
From Arashi, his primary target is Jun, and he is pretty popular with it. :P
Look how he is doing Love So Sweet 8D

August 11th, 2007

[random on]
It was the second time my Ohno uchiwa was used for identification. First in Wien, when I met Ryoko, then yesterday when I met Marle.
Wheee~~~ 8D
And now... I'm spamming Marle with Arashi stuffs. Hope she won't get annoyed of me and she'll like them x_x; *nervous*
(by the way~ Can't wait to meet up with Maria-neechan too on the fangirlmeeting that waits for me in Austria :P)
[random off]

August 8th, 2007

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction

That convinced me into downloading it.
And... finally giving me reason to continue Second Chance 8D
Oh and... intense ohmiya action~ According to Fybabe that is.
MC = gaining knowledge about these two bathing eachother's bodies.
*super envious*

*off to jpopsuki*

EDIT: Ayumi and I were talking about Aiba's newly rumored girlfriend. And we both agree about this one thing: She totally reminds us of Nakamaru from KAT-TUN. Especially on some pics where she smiles O_O

August 5th, 2007

Oh my o_o Ohmiya SK will be back in October?!
I'd be so happy~~~!! <3
To be honest... >//////>;.....  I was kinda sad when they said in the Dome that they'd disband ;_; Even a bit depressed, because Ohmiya SK = JE's awsomest pair.
*gets bricked by others' fans*

Anyway... I was watching this Korean boygroup T-max singing and dancing to Arashi's Love So Sweet on a rehearsal..... o_o;
Well, wow.
Arashi must be happy~
People really love them. :333

And it is so annoying that Sho said in the radio that he doesn't belive that there are fans in Europe =_=; (To be correct he said that Nino didn't tell the truth when he said that there are a lot of fans in Paris. And to think that.... NOT ONLY IN PARIS KIDDO!! >_>)

THIS shocked me. It's a translation related to Ohno.
Yaaaah~ as for me... I strated to draw original pics first, then started to draw DB pics (esp Trunks lol). Then I started to draw original ones again. But still. It somehow warmed up my heart. 8D
(if it is only a part of his image, then it is a cool image :P)

June 20th, 2007

I've found something awsome in Demi's Journal. This is not new, because she usually posts awsome fanart, mostly about Ohmiya SK.
But this time, it was a video. I think i might be missing out on a lot of things by not visiting the comms, but the most awsome things reach me through my friends :3

A kedvenc részem azt hiszem mégis csak az, amikor hemperegnek az ágyon, Ohno lerugdossa magáról Nino-t, az meg ott LIHEG a párnába. *vattacsomót dug az orrába*
Kicsit a HiG-re emlékeztet.
Ott viszont nem csak sejtettem, hogy be vannak nyomva.

June 8th, 2007

I talked today with the S.H.O.s

Whenever we talk, something happens. xD;; This time we watched the AAA DVD's Korean backstage part together (yeah from 3 different country but the same time :D!!) And just what did I see what I missed the other 5+ times?

Oh. Was it uncomfortable? *giggles* Somehow it amused me, even if it is a natural thing to do 8D
(We are totally worth the title of Senile Hentai Obachan)
We drooled together again over the bathtub part of course,... Ohno's shining eyes ... and of course the times, when he was smoking :P
*had fun*

EDIT: I can't belive that so many subbing groups are planning to sub Yamada Taro Monogatari!!! \@_@/ Shiawase~ 8D

EDIT2: When did I download this?! O_o;;; obachan effect kicked in again X_x;;

June 2nd, 2007


I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
If you haven't seen this interview with Nino, you might want to visit say_it_again LJ *recommends* :3

May 30th, 2007

Arashi Powa

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction

May 11th, 2007

MSN voice pack

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Hey everyone :D

Since I'm using MSN plus! live, an extension to MSN Live. This means I'm allowed to use voices while I'm having chat with people :D
I thought I'll share some I have:

It also contains some non-JE voices, but you can filter/delete them anyway.
The pack contains Arashi, KAT-TUN, Kanjani 8, NewS, J-Friends and Kinki Kids, but the most of them are Kanjani8 and Arashi-related :3
Song cuts, concert and radio rips.

You can import the pack with MSN live plus if you click on the "voices" icon (the colorful exclamation over your contact list and click the export/import icon, which looks like a floppy disc)

April 22nd, 2007

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
I've got a package from Taiwan. Muka sent it to me <3
Look what was inside @_@

Yep! :P Ohno Satoshi uchiwa of the Taiwan con <3

Among the pics I've found an intersting one.

Doesn't it make you remember Sarujie? :P
When they were fighting for the envelope in the corridor xD;;

I was sooooo happy when I received the pack <3..... But I'll blab about everything later in my personal blog ^_^

I disappeared for asome time from the net @_@.... I couldn't do my work fast enough, so in the end I didn't have time for reading :(
Sorry about that.  =_=" Let's stay in touch ne :3
I've missed a lot of stuffs while I wasn't around. Other bands had major changes too (like Jin came back and stuff) @_@ I feel like I made a time warp or something T_T
Plus Muka told me that Arashi is releasing the DVD of their Asia tour... ugh.. I felt really out-dated D:
But.... I'm slowly catching up thanks to your help guys ^_^/ Thank you~ :3

xD .... Ohno called Nino the "Touching man" in Hanamaru? Nice name XD

April 9th, 2007

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
A lot of Arashi-related things happen lately to me, but I'm too tired in the end of the day to post anything here, or even to my own blog. *lazy*
They are not happening directly though. I mean I'm not watching Arashi stuffs, it is only that I remember Arashi-related things, when somethinghappens. *can't explain well*
Somehow Utaban was the topic these days, I don't even know why.
But I suddenly remebered this:
Arashi was teased in Utaban with "Arashi, Arashi Oh yeah".... Actually it did make sense, because there is a line like that in A.Ra.Shi, even if the "for dream" line is repeated on and on. Years before, in Love Love Aishiteru, the editor pointed it out. :D

I also uploaded the performance to YouTube.
Oh and.. Happy Easter~

April 4th, 2007

hey girls~~ Ayumi here~~
Yuki asked me to post this~~~
So... yesterday I read Twin's Labyrinth (bl manga) and it has a very interesting side note. XDDD It's not that Arashi related... I would say it's JE-related. Timi (my friend) showed it and I couldn't stop laughing.

March 12th, 2007

On saturday Ica, Ayumi and myself decided to watch Nino's film :3

Ayumi was totally moved from it and cried...
Ica was pissed off, because she didn't enjoy at all...
And I myself... I was expecting something different ^^" Yes, I think Ao no Honoo was his best so far.
We thought that nobody will want to watch it, since it was not the premiere week, and people are too lazy to read the subtitles, but a lot of people came. O_O"

The poster in Hungary

Ah.. I made pics while watching the movie ^^" Here is one~

As you can see, I sat on the left side, in the last row :3 (that is why the text acts so strangely)

Ha~ Nino really was as his name said "SAIGO" :D
And I think the character was not bad at all. That guy he played also had an acid tongue :P

Oh and one more thing. we got free food with Ica because we totally know where to stand at the right place >:D
We stood there for 30 mins already when we got to order our stuffs, when somebody stepped up to us and said "If you let me to order before you, I'll buy your food. It is because our movie has already started" :D

February 24th, 2007

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Ah~ Nino was in Europe<3
I hope he'll return the next time with Arashi... and will hold a con here xD
I kind of felt strange not even trying to go to Paris... I could go for free O_o... Well I feel the responsibility of the exams too, but still =_="

Oh and Letters From Iwo Jima premiere will be on the 15th of march here @_@ Which is also Hungary's national holiday :D
I'm gonna be there ^_^/
Ica promised to come too, although Ayumi doesn't want to :3


I've watched a few Arashi-realted stuffs, like the Christmas Sugoroku at Arashi no Shukudaikun, and Ohno's Yobun no Ichi no Kizuna... thinking of Speed Star, ... It seems like he's the car-stealing character in the eyes of the people responsible for casting. :D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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2007.02.22 Utaban on Arashi
There is no Utaban without Ohno vs Nakai senpai xD Oh, and Nino messaged from Berlin @_@

They talked about Jun's HanaYoriDango2 and an.an pics ... As for Nakai senpai's reaction:


Ohchan's claywork \@_@/

And they even had a game!!! LOLZ!! GENIOUS! XD When the Utaban Team presented the "hayaku ningen ni naritai" (hurry up, wanna become a human) ..... You gotta see it

Love so Sweet performance was not much of a fun, but the mini-talk!!! OMG that was funny XD Ohchan got inspired by the female guest who wore a strange metal something @_@"... And he put on one too... xDDD
And the way Nino arrived in NewS talk-part... PRICELESS xD

Oh, and also.. HeyHeyHEy:

I also watched Johnny's Film Festa 2006

Jun paintballed (WHAT ELSE?!) with Nakamaru from KAT-TUN and Ryo (from Kanjani8 & NewS), While Nino went bowling with Tsuyoshi :D
I laughed my head off watching Aiba+Kanjani8+Koichi!!!!!! XD BEST EVER!!
It is a must-watch!! <3333333

click for moreCollapse )
Ano neeee.... about that interview... I totally agree with Sho @_@
"Sho: Playzone's [New Generation - Emotion]" Yes! Shinseki EMOTION was the awsomestestest work of Ohno's @_@
Oh and... Hirai Ken's famous vid totally made me laugh :D After reding that he is fanboying Kitto Daijoubu... I had to see it xD

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
I'm too hyped up now for not to share this!! @_@/

I finally found a trace leading to Kyo To Kyo on YouTube (You can guess who is the name associated to it >:D) Oh my~~~

With the Love So Sweet performance, the LSS PV plus the Utaban appearence, I kinda feel satisfied with the amount of Arashi stuffs appearing these days xD

Oh... Yokohama fancam for Love So Sweet is also up on YT

*will try to write something useful and longer in the weekend*
I forgot to tell ya, but I wached some stuffs ne... ^^"

November 26th, 2006

He is 26... ^_^ Arashi also wished him happy birthday in MagoMago <3

I wish him a lot of happiness and success in his life! ^_^

You see... At Ohno_Daily we made a project, the Ohno Satoshi Fanbook.
Sandy provided us a link, so that everybody can have a copy!  Even those who couldn't afford buying it (which was totally worth it by the way... *_*)
[Download the digital version at MU]

I sent in a photo from myself (argh.. embarassing >_>") a drawing (which I'm not satisfied with, now that I reviewed it =_="... haha... I sound weirdly picky now, don't I... ^^"), and I also sent him my own message. We had to make a short sentence, which fits into the format of the book. I thought that I have a lot of stuffs I'd like to tell him, but I can't... Like that I really look up to him, because of how hard he is working, and I envy him for his braveness--- and similar things like that. Generally something like that, that I'd like to learn from his good qualities and use them to make my own life richer.
But in the end I managed to stay short by telling that I can't express what I wanted, so I'm wishing him a long and happy life.
I think this was the final version:

ノエーミ、22歳 (ハンガリー)
短いメッセージでどのくらい感謝をしているのかを表現できません。だからこれだけいいます:大野さんのことを知れてうれしいです。長くて幸せな人生を送ってください!Isten éltessen

Which means:
No short message could tell how much your work inspired me in my own. So instead I only say: I'm grateful to get to know of your existence, and wish you a long and happy life! [Isten éltessen]

JE staff seem to have taken it in... O_O"
I wonder if he is gonna receive it. If so, then I'll be really surprised, because I didn't think they would accept it...I'd be stressed and happy the same time ^^"

long story short:

Happy Birthday キャプテン
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