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Hungarian Arashi Fanblog ver. 2.2

二宮和也 + 長澤まさみ = ^_^

二宮和也 + 長澤まさみ = ^_^

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I can't get no satisfaction
Seems like the Arashi-girlfriend rumours are growing like mushrooms on rain days.
I guess you all read about the Nino+Nagasawa Masami thing... (My source was Demi. Thank you~ ^_^/ )
I'm actually happy for them if it is true \(^___^)/...
Am I a weird fan to be saying that? O_o;

And... I read his Game Nikki entry where he was mixed up with Narimiya. So funny. xD
Well... he is not the only one in JE. You can read a lot of those cases in j-webs 8D

Oh by the way... I missed one of the MC  translations, where Ohno said they are dating. (I mean Ohno+Nino) Anybody wishing to enlighten me? I'd really like to read it~ ^_^;
Uhm... can it be that he dates two people at once? XD


What can I say... I'm fan of some Juniors too. Kawai Fumito is not my type, but.... his monomane performances are unforgettable. 8D Ayumi-chan made an entry about them, and I couldn't stand talking about it here too 8D
From Arashi, his primary target is Jun, and he is pretty popular with it. :P
Look how he is doing Love So Sweet 8D

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