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Oh no !
I was watching the Happiness PV.
Brother: Is this Arashi?
Me: Yeah.
Brother: Did they disband or something?
Me: *turns to him* O_O;; NO!...... why? ^_^;
Brother: I just asked ^_^;... So...  Did they do anything new?
Me: What do you mean? O_O; This is their newewst PV.
Brother: Really? O_O I thought it is from the time they were much younger!!

Moral: Arashi is forever young~   v(^_^);

Well when Sandy showed mme these pics I was absolutely sure about that ._.

Ohno messaging to the Taiwanese fans ~ <3

Oh maaaan... He's drop dead gorgeous >_<
*whining and fangirling*

Happiness PV.... 宮SK ラブ ~~ o,.o

Demi's entry has some awsome funnies~ xD
  • Yo! :3
    About the Ohno pics: he looks like he just woke up... but his smile is really the sweetest thing...~ *dreaming-mode*
    The Happiness PV: I watched it with my brother. You know, you should really come to the meet more often. We practiced the moves there, and 'nisan wanted to show of with it... You know how rare it is for him to like something that is Arashi! It's a wonder. But I must say, it's a really good PV. Watching it made me happy too. Somehow made me remember HavaRava from WaT. ^.^ Now that I think about it, maybe those hand-moves were the same~.
    • Mwaha 8D Doesn't he look like that?!? Lovely smiling Riida~

      O_O I need to see Rigon dance like that \*_*/
      As you could see the CON project failed too. Yesterday we had a lot of work with the bees and today I study like crazy... tomorrow I'll have a thermodynamics test (ZH) at the university... again.... =_=;;

      Actually my bro likes it too, which is rare ._. .... this is some magic I tell you. One of the goood mysteries :P

      Oooh~ HavaRava xD Dorky~ I'll chaeck those moves!
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