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Hungarian Arashi Fanblog ver. 2.2

Ohno is everywhere XD

Ohno is everywhere XD

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haaaaiz girls Ayumi's here~~~
I wanted to share my little stuff with you~ It happened before Japanese. My teacher watched an engimono with the other class before us. Okay. He left but the video was still on. And guess what started. Mitsuo~~~ with Ohno (and Yoko XD). I was like DPOGJDOFIGHDOIGJDFOIJGDOFIJGDFOPGJDFPGJDFPO HOMGHOMGHOMGHOMGHOMGHOMG WTFWTFWTF. OHNO AND YOKO ON TV~~~~~~~~~~ *Ayumi shokku* But, we even watched the first ep~~ And guess what. My teacher likes it~~~ <3333 unbelievable~~~ at least for me XD
thanks for your attention and have a nice morning/day/afternoon/night/whatever you want~~~
ayumi deshita.
  • When I say lucky you say......


      Lucky? XDDDDDDDD

      wtf~~~~ XDDD holnap viszem neki tovább a cuccot XD

        Helyesssssss 8D *estefelé beszél majd veled*
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