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Interactive fandom

Interactive fandom

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I can't get no satisfaction
I came back alive from the Sahara, so I bring you some interactivity from my fandoms. :)
Most of them are old stuffs, but still~


I've already read a translation in which jun an ryo had an interview together.
But this time I'd like to show you a video, where Ryo is commenting on Jun.
It's good to hear that those two get along well. After reading Ryo's J-WEB entries, I grew to like him a lot.

By the way... Some fans creat INTERESTING pairing fanvideos from them.
(please don't comment anything bad on their videos @ youtube, if you don't like the pairing itself or anything like that. We all know it's fiction, and they are making it for the fandoms' entertainment, so please behave well ^^; ... )
Thanks for Zsuness for the link

Yeah. That showed my strange site I guess.


I've noticed Chinen in december or so, and after watching ONE POUND GOSPEL I got into the Hey! Say! JUMP fandom with Marle's help 8D
(I'm kinda pedo for them 8D... you know how much I like certain Jr groups <3)

I remembered Chinen's face, because it is really characteristic.
Then I saw the li'l guy in the move, and WOH-WOWWW @_@;;;

He's a 100% pro, he's cute and....He has a good taste 8D

You should watch this Dohmoto Kyoudai. It is up on JPOPSUKI.

I saw Ohno writing him a message in one of the magazines.


(special thanks to Inuhariko)
This video is from GURU GURU 99 - Feb 22

Shake it! @_@
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