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November 11th, 2006

Cold and Hot shower

I can't get no satisfaction
My Ohno Satoshi Fanbook arrived just yesterday!!! :D


Fybabe did it again @_@
She managed to get ticks, fly there and have fun in Korea! Plus they were following Arashi's van (and made vids from it)!! And as I saw it on YT is WAS their van! *faints*

I seriously envy her. Aaah~ maybe that is why I'm studying that hard. Because all she needs for that is: MONEY. A HELL LOT OF MONEY. Which I won't have for a while *is poor*... T_T


Nino_Daily has some HOT photos from Nino thes days.. Not only the mags! [OMG DECEMBER ISSUE OF DUET *_*] Even the poster of Letters from Iwojima is up WITH Nino on it (which is special cuz Johnny's don't let their artists be shown on other pages O_O"

Also Jun is kicking in with Bokuimo *_*
(pic from Jun_Daily)

Oh boy oh boy :D I see goodies ahead~


November 6th, 2006

Ohno Rocks!

I can't get no satisfaction
I'm mentally exhausted because of the uni, but there are always things that cheer me up and make me want to fight harder! Just like now, I got to see some old Mayonaka Arashi thanks to rukia88
2001.11.21 episode totally owns my soul.
I felt relieved at least while I was watching it \(^__________^)/

He is one person I'd go out with!
Seriously. I envy people around him *_*
(Uhm... To be honest, I loved that music and athmosphere O-o")

Oh and later on when he gets food... Ah~ XDXD
He was like "I don't have money" They bought him food ^^"""""""""

He didn't really know what he was supposed to say here, but he did it anyway XDD
[*cough*similar to forgetting lyrics on cons *cough*]

Tourist Photo XDDDDDDD


Haaaa~ I want to watch the other episodes too~ <3 And also CxDxG no Arashi DVD... Ah~ <3
Here is a cap from the Fight Song PV

Some fans are that lucky that Jun reads her letter at Junstyle! Like~ tenjostyle

October 22nd, 2006

Oh, no...Ohno~

Oh no !

Communities are loud from the newest news, and how all the fans are proud of Nino... Cuz ...
Nino might get nominated to Oscar (Academy Award)!... wow~ O_O"
His dream of being more and more famous seem to becoming true~
I'm so happy for him! :D
Ez esetleg Ohnonak is ugródeszka lehet az Ohmiya SK miatt... o_o

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Sho's anniversary of entering Johnny's is here!!!


October 16th, 2006

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Ah~ Ohno-related communities are buzzing now~
16th october... The anniversary of Ohno entering Johnny's! ^_^

Congrats Captain~♥

Oohno Satoshi-kun! Omedetou gozaimasu~!

October 14th, 2006

El Nino

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
I'm busy at the university. Since the SP... I haven't been able to keep up with the Arashi stuffs T_T *heartache*
Maybe this weekend *hoping*

Ah~ I wonder what present did Nino get from Ohno~
They are giving eachother presents lately? O_o hm~ nice ne~

Thanks to lea26karla I got to see this pic while we were discussing about the handwritings of the guys.
This guy....
Seems to be fun to stay around~

Been thinking about his personality...
Ah~ It is tickling my brain.
He must be  a really interesting person @_@

September 27th, 2006

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Nama Arashi: Mustache dance.

September 24th, 2006

Kyou no mago wa~

September 21st, 2006

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction

I think everybody knows by now, but Arashi will release CxDxG no Arashi DVD(s) *_* Gah~ best thing ever <3
I need to think of a way to get the money for it *_*

Ah~ In Hungary there are some volent demonstrations ne... You know what's interesting about that? When fellow fans saw the news, they wrote me messages if I'm alright @_@ That's so heartwarming~ ♥
(Ah~ Same happened with the Thai fans and the issue of the coup~ they received messages all over LJ)
Thai fans! I hope everybody is okay there!
I hope the Thai con can move forward... *sigh* You've been waiting for so long ne~ <3

Haha~ Sho was so sweet in Sho Beat XD He was talking about the skydiving we'll get to see in GnoA SP.

September 14th, 2006

School started two weeks ago, and my freetime got REALLY limited by the labs =_="
For example I really wanted to post about Sho's drawings, because I TOTALLY LOVE THEM. They are cute <3...

But in this period it was also my birthday ne. The biggest surprise of all of the presents was what Ica gave me.
She ordered Aozora Pedaru B for me <3
(For which I didn't have the $)

I totally didn't expect that so it was a REALLY big surprise for me @_@

And other ppl have flooded me with presents too! even who live in far away countries @_@ Like angel_enchanted sent me a greeting card and uploaded a MagoMago which I really wanted to see ^______________^

Ah btw... I've watched this week's G no Arashi, and in the end there was a commercial of the SP.
It will be aired on september the 26th (Japanese time). Watch out for it, cuz from what I saw in the commercial... it is gonna be AWSOME!


Ohoho~ Check this gallery out. I've found some really interesting pics here (Mainly Sho and Ohno.. But I've found a pic with Jun and Kohara Yuuki): ~Juniors~


I remember that when I got to know that Ohno will do a butai, where he will be mistaken for Saturobi Sasuke, I sent mails to three people informing them about it. (Suz who is basically a Sasuke-fan and new to JE plus ayumiii_chan and Ica.
Ica wrote back a really funny reply

August 30th, 2006

(no subject)

What day is todaa~y? ^________^
Yup, you're right. Jun's bda~y ^_________^

it's very lame and everthing, but i tried my best.....

August 28th, 2006

After da smexx

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Starsigns after sex comments... reflected to Arashi! XD

"Have you seen the remote?"
Jun "I need to wash the sheets."
Oh-chan "Don't call me--I'll call you."
Aiba-chan "Do you have a business card?"
Sho "Now let's try it with our clothes off!"

Sometimes they are mixed with the counter-sign's comments, so: counter-signs say:

Gemini (Ohno's counter-sign)   "Have you seen the remote?"
Cancer (Aiba's counter-sign) "When are we getting married?"
Leo (Sho's counter-sign) "Wasn't I fantastic?"
Sagittarius (Nino's counter-sign) "Don't call me--I'll call you."
Pisces (Jun's counter-sign) "What did you say your name was again?"

1. LOL... If I'd have smexx with Jun, then we'd wash the sheets together after it *rolling in laughter* XDDDDDDDDD
2. Psices are ....senile? If that is the case, then they'd do good as S.H.O. members (Senile Hentai Obachans semi-group formed by seemun, alkithilien and myself XD.. then got widened by more members XD) or .. are they just fast when it comes to making f-buddies?
3. Oh-chan and Nino were made for eachother. Oh-chan sneaks out from the house in the name of freedom, and leaves Nino watching the TV alone.
4. Smexx with Sho is awsome, smexx with Oh-chan is..... a one-night stand.
5. If you wanna be Aiba's businesspartner for sure, have smexx with him. He'll ask for your business card. XD



Granpa fanning hot one-night stander Ohchan with goatee!

Heart attack nr2

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Now. For the second time: heart attack from what I read. Fist Sho, then Oh-chan.
Studied abroad?
Changed jobs?
I gotta read that article @_@
Hope that sumoboy will buy it ne~ ^^"
I'm just affraid, that after reading it, I'll be more attached ne =_=""

August 26th, 2006

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
I wonder if the SK had a fight or something...
(Well if happens often with people who are spending too much time together, so it wouldn't suprise me... If something like that doesn't happen then THAT is what strange is O_o Although I don't think Ohno is angry at Nino. He just had a bad mood :P)

August 25th, 2006


I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
There is this girl ne... Yu Su from Thailand...
She is really kind to me <3

I get a lot of pics from her @_@
And she has just wrote me a letter again (with a LOT of pics again)!


If you read this: Thank you for your support again Yu~ <3


Crazy fangirls' chat!!! :D

Lea's entry

*dies in heart attack from the ohno pix*

ZOMG o_____________________o Time to go call Nurse Ohno again!!! *Nurse Ohno comes* YAY HORA YUKICHAN ! OHCHAN DA YO ! DAKARA ! LIVE AGAIN ! ONEGAISHIMASU!

ahahaha XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd I laughed so loud on thisone... I just can't be dead with Nurse Ohno in the near XD

LOL ! XD Yatta~! Hoorah for Nurse Ohno!!!! xDD I shall recommend him to the many hospitals in the world where Arashi fangirls are located which is each corner of the world XD

Right now Nurse Ohno is too busy. They are Talking abt serious medical matters with Dr Jun XDDDDDD

LMAO!!!! XDD sou ka. xDDD looks like very serious business? lmao. xD

Yea~ they are doin "da business"~ XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD



Whaa~ I wonder if Nurse Ohno and Dr Jun are still in good terms because Patient #30398410398413 a.k.a. Nino is getting in between them!? *lol* Nurse Ohno is envious of Dr Jun. Sad. xD

Hmmm the patient must be having a nurse fetish! I saw him groping Nurse Ohno a couple of times!~
But Dr. Jun is very forgiving.
Their relationship survived the Nurse's issues this whole time {3
And now they are all lovedovey together again!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And the patient got back to his relationship too~ *chu*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

LMAO!! omg. I love this. xD I rabu u, Yukichan!! <3 *huglomps*

But then, what about the new issue between Nurse Ohno and Patient Aiba? XDDD

oh~ pshhht... they might hear it! O_o*looking around carefully* *whisper*
Uhm.. yea.. it is still a secret... though it is an older story ne~....

LOL! *stops* *whispers too* aah. sou ka. x3333


Yeah because... The doctor is a SADIST... and that is why the Nurse would be in bondage in trouble if the doc finds out about it

EH! sou nan da. XD I didn't know that. =D; yabai~ Then hopefully the doc doesn't find out about it. xD Good thing the Nurse doesn't seem to have any relation with Patient Sakurai ne ~ =3

Ah they do, but it is special. They were in a same street gang when they were younger! O_O

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

ZOMG! I really never knew these things happened before. You seem to know the nurse really well. OMG! Is there something going on between you and the nurse as well? XDDDDDDD

(oh, my God.... I WISH I had..)

hmmm... *looking around carefully* I'm working as a private eye these days @_@ ... and I was hired by the manager of the hospital, miss Julie (XDDDDD)

If it continues.. I'll post it up here XD


Some Picspam fruits.....

Is Nino HOT here or what??? @_@

Okay... these three... *gulp*....


Oh, yeah~ And Oh-chan seem to have liked canyoning!
Oh I'm so happy~ <3 (I'd REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO and try this out with (or even without) him!!!! *mad mode on*)

Un~ Btw.... G no Arashi will change to Q no Arashi! (Quiz?) That is why the next G no Arashi will be a 2 hours special @_@
I can't wait!!!
*off to watch ths week's with Sho's "improved" drawings* :D
(Don't deny it. Chesuto's Sho's drawings are LOVE!!!! I love them anyways so~ you guys better say the same! *glaaaaare*)


YouTube rabu!

Chesuto is cooking. I wouldn't mind  eating his cooking :P

unn~ (Johnny's Sport's Day)



I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
I've watched the making of Mitsuo, the engimono I've watched at alkithilien's place in Poland. :D

Umm~ anybody else likes Kanjani 8 beside me? Then watch it, because Yoko is also in it (He was the white Mitsuo while Oh-chan was the black Mitsuo) :D And he looks cool there @_@
Like here:

And here:

The same T-shirt  he wore in All or Nothing DVD @_@

etto ne... back to the making of...

Ohno the dolphin reading his script (Hehe.. cho~ kawaii~ ..... iruka desu ne~ XD)

Proposal? ^^"""

Co-workers :D
They were even interviewed what do they think of eachother. : >

Haha... whoever will watch the making of will know why am I laughing here. Yoko totally looks like if he was ***WATCHING*** Oh-chan . He even _swallowed_ once in this scene XD

*stops her own H fanfic-fuelled imagination*


Da killer nails...

Da killer hand *faint*

And some funny faces he made ... :D

("Hontouni kakkoiiyo na~ ... amamaikuro...")

("I had to make this kind of face all along!")

Ehm.... Jun's bad impact on his pesonality: nails painted red. XD
Not really. :) That's the fake blood => Those long nails are torn off during the engimono...

Be nice.. because... TEHH OH-CHAN IS WATCHING YOU!

I liked the opening song a lot too... ^^"


August 16th, 2006

(no subject)

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
I'm totally into the recent Ohmiya (As Nino says "That 2-person combination") stuffs.. Like the last con tracks .... @_@


Also: the trailer of Nino's film (Iwo Jima kara no tegami)... i so wanna see thisone!! *_*

Now did I read right at fybabe? Nino's role is a man who has a wife and akid? O_O WOW.... (and that they had to lower the age of the soldier because Nino is not looking like a guy in his fourties.. but not even 30... XD)
Fanreports are the best :P
I get to know a lot of things from those. (*sigh*.... me the nomoney gaijin)


Arashi Tech Support in action! (September Popolo) XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
*wipes off tearsof laughter from her eyes*
Ahaha. I've decided to cut the bonus reel of ONE album's DVD, and upload the part where Arashi is in the elevator, because it is a total crack XD

And as a bonus: the guys with Takenaka Naoto...
(I love this guy! SO FUNNY!!! XD)

August 15th, 2006

Ura Arashi Ohno style

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Ohno finally wrote in Ura Arashi, their concert blog.
Usually they write a lot. But Oh-chan's entry is....

"I had Nabe yaki udon today and yesterday"


Also when I saw this pic I thought: "Naw, ya finally have your chainsaw, now you can carve on that competition"
Ya know... I don't like shopping... =_= But it would be OK with him, because he can play around with anything that comes in his way XD

August 13th, 2006

Back from Poland

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Whoh... I still have to work a lot on the layout and the profile... *sigh*

Ah right! I didn't tell you why it was a huge gap here between two entries O_O

I was creating some new comms, had to end school, make the moving of HAF...

AND I WAS IN POLAND!!! On a fan-meeting :D
My first international Arashi fanmeeting. :D
I went to visit alkithilien for almost two weeks! ^_^

It was... great :D

Da Ohno Post

I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Really good news for me :D

There is a rumour that Ohno will play in a stageplay in autumn *_*

Aaaaand Ohno-centric fancams appeared on the net from the latest  Arashi cons. There are some at  ohnoholic PDbox, and also recoded ones at Ohno_Daily...

Hope there will be better ones too soon :P


I'm taking part in ohno_daily's Ohno Fanbook project!! *CHO URESHII~*


WHY do I have to see when Oh-chan messes up the lyrics of Top Secret (T_T ... !!!) on his own soloconcert and gets sad and mad at himself cuz of it? T_T
Oh well... at least the fans there were screaming as if their lives would be on the play ...after that little attention-catching hiptwisting *drools while re-watches the part*..... so I forgive him XD
Geh.. that was exactly that part whichone I too mess up almost every time XD

Itsumo I wish be with you
Kimi no so...ba...ni~

Yea~ and I too sometimes sing "boku no" instead of  "Kimi no" ....=_=" Cuz of the repeating movements and lyrics... geh...
Although not after 2 hours of continuous dancing and singing lol

I kinda feel sorry for him >_>
He must have felt terrible for a moment...

Okay, here is a cheer-up pic ne : >

Everybody feelin the genkiness returning? :D

August 12th, 2006


I can&#39;t get no satisfaction
Today, august 12 is the NAD, the Nino Appreciation Day!

So everybody: Go and love Nino! XD

July 4th, 2006

Happy birthday Nino~!

You made me realize some important things, wich made me able to take some big steps in life.
You brought health and new interests in my life, and new goals to achieve.
Thank you for your work =^_^=
I wish you happyness in your life!
2006. május 25., csütörtök

So, Yuki-chan... THIS is just for (MY) fun. ^__________^
(maybe the pics aren't really good, I have some problems with my cam. ~~")

em o-tnaw ihs-ar-A, ihs-ar-A

by Ica @ 05:33 2006. május 13., szombat

WTF moments...

Ow, the Kitto Daijoubu PV was aired ^^
It's a really good one! Thanks God I ordered the limited edition with the DVD ^^ (THANX FOR THE HELP WITH THE ORDERING ICA!)

Wtf moment  of the PV  with Jun x Aiba ... (but the rest is pro, pretty and fun ^^)

Yesterday night I watched Kitto Daijoubu they performed at MS. I really loved it!!
When Sho was explaining how Aiba was fooling around in the onsen I was laughing so loud MUAHHAHAHAHA XD I LOVE THAT GUY!! XDDD He knows what the word fun means!
(Well, about him and Ohno in the onsen: I read about that in the magazine so it wasn't new, but... still funny to hear from himself and see him illustrate it XD...)


They were sooooo good-looking *_*

Or in some cases ...kawaii:

But the real stuff started when nearing the end  Jun decided to pick up the basketball placed next to the fence... ^^" He played with it, passed to Nino, who passed back, then he passed to Ohno, but he couldn't throw it away since it was the last second of the performance so they ended up like this:


Sho's rapping was a bit "wtf" too... didn't he missed a part of the lyrics? O_o" Maybe I heard wrong...
Other caps:
Lots of hands @_@ and Aiba reclines against Nino

And... the reason why people shouldn't let me near Photoshop:

Even the interview was somewhat fun and interesting

And some Ohmiya rabu fit in too (mainly Nino going "wtf" about Ohno standing close and staring at him ^^")

OK this performance was not as strange as the one at Music Fair 2005.11.12...

Gotta love them ^^

by Yuki @ 12:41 2006. május 12., péntek

Wee... some people are actually watching our stuffs with newsreading program... O_o. (Wich means... we are bookmarked)
It feels really honoring! ^^

by Yuki @ 21:30

I started to seed Shinseki Emotion. Yup, that butai... (Torrent at JPOPSUKI tracker.)
I met Ica and Ayumi on wednesday accidentally. They said that my entry was a total drooling. Yeah.. Well it was ^^" And Ica wanted to kill me for blogging first but not showing her... well what could I do? I planned to meet them only in july >_<"
Hmmm... I have nothing else to share today, just some random caps I took from the stageplay's fancam ,then go back to my studies...

by Yuki @ 21:29 2006. május 10., szerda

OMG XD You remember the D no Arashi opening, where Oh-chan was in a huge "whiskeybottle-bottom style" glasses? :D Lady's Delight made a really funny entry from that and the pictures of some people...

by Yuki @ 14:57

I've just read the news at Jdorama Forum thread! It seems like Arashi will have a new movie.
This time all five of them will be in it, like in the two Pikanchi movies! It is named Kiiroi Namida (Yellow Tears)

Read the news here (japanese)
Translations at Arashian by Kanmuri (english)
From Kanmuri's translations:
" Ninomiya Kazunari will play a young man who wants to become a manga artist, Aiba Masaki a singer, Ohno Satoshi a painter and Sakurai Sho a novelist.  As for Matsumoto Jun, he will play a young man from Iwate that came to Tokyo through group employement.'
by Yuki @ 08:40

I found a preview to Jun's stageplay (Valkyre) at YouTube

by Yuki @ 07:51

2006. május 9., kedd

Gahh! Fybabe saw Jun's play (she went to Tokyo), and now she bid on the tix for a notherone...
(Wich means stageplays in Japan... T_T)

*stops herself from crying*

by Yuki @ 22:44

OMG... I'm so damn high right now!!! (And trying not to think of what will be waiting for me at the university tomorrow XD)
I downloaded something ACCIDENTALLY, but ... it is genious!

Shounentai Musical PLAYZONE 2001 Shinseki Emotion

This is something....  cool!
It was funny, entertaining and emo the same time <:3
These Johnny's guys can REALLY ACT!!.... To be honest I wouldn't think at first, that they are THIS good! I was pinned to my chair all along (even at the parts without Riida), wich is a big word, cuz half of the stuff was sooooo wakaranai for me O_o...
And the music... hah... this is a must-watch...

The way he screamed at the beggining, when he was mad O_o" (monkeys and cavemen don't speak ^^).. OKOK, just... watch *_*
It had lots of Oh-chan in it XD

See this lil' fella? I first thought he's Nino O_o" though he IS NOT. ..

After the butai the actors performed numbers I've only seen performed by Arashi members before, like Superstar and Bite the Love. They were really good, although I liked the Arashi versions better... O_o Probably because of the Arashi rabu that sorrounded it XDDDD (Oh, I'm such a stupid fangirl XD)
Oh-chan performed Jidai, and danced in a nother performance (dunno the name.. *bad, bad JE fan*)

And why did I want to die for a first-row seat?! Ohno touched the fans sitting in the first row!!! *DIES MASSIVELY AND PAINFULLY*


It was a big finale at the end, then I heard his senpai praising him, and Ohno was crying... <:3
Lol he couldn't even thank it without crying. The guy was really EMO.. (and I felt like he was a bit embarrassed or confusedbecause of that...)

And me... I was laughing squeeing and "kawaii"-ing so hard.. like in every second at the end ^^" I JUST LOVED THIS FANCAM TO PIECES! I've never seen such an emo and cute thing before!!! ^^ I was in such a high mood that I was "BANZAAAAAAAI"-ing with all the people at the end!! :D "Ohno Satoshi-kun banzaaai!.... Banzaaaai!... Banzaaaai!"
I just... <:33333

by Yuki @ 22:23

I made some Arashi SD pics with a doll-builder today ^^

Ohno, Sho and Jun dolls:

The steps of making each one of doll the dolls, were really fun.  For example... pouting Unti-unti Sho-chan

Ohno and his waistpouch.. in black clothes... And just for fun: Ohno in Ueda T-Shirt XD (You know the guy called Ueda from KATTUN right?)...

ohchan02.jpg ohchan04.jpg ohchan03.jpg

Also tied skirts and fluffy pink stuffs, until I said that I can't bear more XD It was kinda fun....
I'm gonna work on others' too, but.. I need to study now =_=

by Yuki @ 16:48 2006. május 8., hétfő

Nino_daily's members reached the number of 200.... O_O"
This means it is the second biggest one of the daily communities right after Jun_daily!
So the fanmagnet theory is right after all... XD

Oh, and.. I have a kitty at home, wich was born last week. ^^ I read a fanfic that week too, where Jun was the cat of Sho (and had the capability to turni into human.. the rest is up to you to read... XD), so I decided that if everybody is OK with it.. I'll call it Jun.

And everybody was OK with it.. XD
(I'm not gonna keep the kitty though. When he grows big enough it'll be a present to my friend's cousin...)

by Yuki @ 23:35

Ayumi-tan! welcome back!!! ^^
Ica is LUCKY, ne~
Thanks to Maki-chan, I could watch Ohno's coming of age ceremony. *sigh* He was so beautiful.... And also his voice was nice and deep.
Relaxing and arousing the same time.... *cough* (bw, I uploaded the clip to You Tube too.)
Just watch the twenty-years-old hottie:

I also watched Mago Mago Arashi 2006.04.29 ^^
In this part the music was genious too XD Ghost Busters, Kill Bill... OMG I was laughing so much XD
OKAY..Some caps anybody? ^_^ (err.. a bit Ohno-centered though O_o"... sorry about that ^^")

The stuff started with a massive "kawaiiiiiiii~" -ing...

Then I realized I wanna be an obachan. Why?
 - I would get a massage from Aiba, and nice men would be "chasing" me...

- I could shake hands with Ohno.. Or at least pretend to do so, and grope his....

*cough* Back to the topic.
The ojichan was a master of sword (and waving it in front of Ohno's face he made a face like this:)...

(ahaha.. Aiba's movements were priceless XD and on the last pic: Ohno tried to cut too, but wasn't satisfied with the result. Aiba cut too ^^ Swordsmen... *sigh* Hontouni sugoi desu ne~)

So while Aiba went with the obachan to get sg to fry and eat (bamboobud) Ohno tried the chainsaw while helping the ojichan

The old fella was falling twice during the shoot <:3... Poor ojichan.. At least he had Ohno next to him... Afterthe second one, they paused a bit to rest and talk. Aiba and the obachan did the same ^^ (where she said she had her 81th b-day that day, and that she didn't get any b-day persents before O_O)

<= ...<:3

They went to shop with the ojichan, to get presents for the granny and to celebrate her b-day after dinner (OMG the ojichan was so funny XD)

Naisu caps from Arashi (minus Nino T_T) to end the show:

Thanks to Tenshi, I could finally enter the clubbox!!!!...
I took some PV rips and listened to Deep Sorrow wich was ripped right from the recorded butai itself!

And why didn't I write about G no Arashi? It teaches people to DYSLEXIA! >_<

(The truth is that I didn't like the guys with stockings on their heads >_<)

by Yuki @ 22:33 2006. május 5., péntek

Yo! Long time no see, ne?
So.... first of all, Ica you're lucky~~~ ^_^ But, finally you have it ^^
Well... I gave some dorama to my japanese teacher. (e-g. Nobuta wo Produce, Great Teacher Onizuka, Yasashii Jikan, Gokusen) She loved Yasashii Jikan. She said Ninokun's a very talented actor and he's very cute. I said, I have friends who doesn't like him, and she didn't understand why. She's so adorlable ^^
Anyways, my mother became an Arashi fan. (well actually, not just Arashi) Really. I can't listen music because she always come to my room... and the reason: I can better listen the music here. There's lots of songs I can't listen (not just Arashi, Kanjani8 too) because she'll come here. and I don't really like it. Anyways, her fav song is Yes? No?. Yesterday, Yuki showed me a video, Nino molesting Ohno. (One con, and they sang yes? no?) It's only 30 sec, I said it to her, and she's >_< No comment. Really. She was angry, because I didn't show it to her. Very strange.
And Shochan.... I love so much, but please why do you have to have this hair....? I think you must go to a hair stylist.
And2: IEEEI for fighto song~~!!!

by Ayu @ 18:41

So... So today I've got a pack...

before & after I opened it. ^^

And that's what was inside ^________^

So I can die happy now... (^^) *faints with a happy smile
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by Ica @ 16:44
2006. április 29., szombat

The banner at Arashian seems to be working :D

Yesterday I had my first fangirl-chat at AMNOS.net chatpage with Tenshi. :D I did chat with other fangirls of course (esp. the Hungarian fans and Lea-chan ^_^) but we just want to create a common platform where fans go chat with eachother. And I prefer AMNOS.net since that is the page wich was my first support among the homepages, wich were helping me getting to know Arashi.

G no Arashi was...
Huge hotness. Sweetness.

Being a newhalf in't that bad... Ohno will have to act all lovey-dovey with you in HOTTSMEXX clothes.
There were some strange stuffs, they were talking about. I bet that because of the final scene, the number of fanfics of the Sho - Ohno pairing will dramaically increase. ^^"
Ohno taking the crowded train... that story was sooo funny and cute and... I really felt "Aw,.. poor guy" ^^"

hmm. I so wanted to see this project:

These women were talented and interesting! <:3
Probably not deviant enough for the producer T_T

by Yuki @ 11:27 2006. április 28., péntek

O_o" Now.. what does this mean? I think this is a new piece to Arashi Design Center:


(screencap from Matsumoto-kun no uta backstage)

Oh O_O" people from Thailand should definitely read this to cheer up: WISH Secret Talk 2005 part 3
Actually.. It is funny how Arashi is NOT aware of their popularity around the world. Really..... If they would know that a single ticket to their concert was sold for 2000$ (!!!) on an auction... Yeah. Gaijin fans are pretty desperate, and they don't even know they have some?! LOL.

by Yuki @ 22:46

Just as I took a little pause from work i found this:
What member of Arashi are you?
and my results:

YOU ARE MATSUMOTO JUN! you are very lazy, and cool. you often care about your feelings, and not others. but then you start to understand the other people's feelings. you are actually a very nice human being#_#.

Then next to it:
Which Arashi member are you?
And the results for me:

You're SHO (alias Sho-kun) SAKURAI!! You're one hip, happenin', all-around heartbreaker cutie, yo! You just got that natural "coolness" within you, chicks dig you and dudes want to BE like you! You got the style, the phat beats, the fresh rhythm, and other than that hardcoreness that you possess, you're still the cute, sweet "boy next door" everyone has known you always! But don't let your ghetto-style fool anyone--- you're the bad-ass topknotch Japanese Ivy Leaguer that would even wow the evil critics even more about yourself! Get on wit yo' bad self, yo!

O~kaaay, THIS I wasn't expecting... but then who was? ~~" Me as Sho, that's really the joke of the century. XD
And at last:
Which Arashi member is your True Lover?
And my result:

Congrats! Your true lover is Ohno Satoshi!
You are the type of girl that lives by the slogan: Just be natural! You don't really like making such a big deal about holidays like Xmas or Valentine's Day.. you'd rather make EVERY day special, and exchange gifts WHENEVER, so that you can always be happy with your one and only O-chan! ^.^

Yessss! ^___________^ This Sho-thing made me a little fussy (~.~), but now I'm a little... no, quite... no, REALLY happy! ^____^
Banzai for the maker of this test!!! Banzai! Banzai!! Banzai!!!
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by Ica @ 09:42 2006. április 27., csütörtök

Muhaha Lea made a really good Nino-welcome-back post at Nino Daily
(<:333 Lucky Man is LOVE!)


And a really good "scientific experiment" (OMG LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF!) Here are the two biggest baits!!!


She's just so good... XD

And also: Jeng uploaded Calendar 2001-2002 <:333
If you download, please follow the rules she set up, so she won't stop posting in the future.
Please understand that people are working FOR YOU, because they already have the stuff,.... don't be mean to them by braking those rules.

by Yuki @ 21:37

Ohno added one more piece to the Arashi Design Center:

This longsleeved T-Shirt is... genious XD And he looks sweet in them (Ammm... I CAN'T imagine that he has nobody (or that he's low on cash XD). Impossible. But so sweet anyway <:333) I'm gonna make a shirt like thatone!! :D

Uhm... Isn't he acting ... strange lately? <:(
Like... He's getting so emotional easily. I saw him perform KItto Daijoubu in Shounen Club Premium, and it was so... artificial *doesn't know the proper word* Like his heart was not there...  It also seemed like he's emotianlly instable and gets sensitive to subjects like love. (Did he just get dumped by her fiancé or something? O_o""") I hope everithing is OK with him and it is only my imagination, what is playing tricks on me >_< It must be the latter, right?
*sigh*.... *haato Kyaputan*

Oh yeah. Anybody read the article where he named the three cutest things? I can't read that but I'm interested in it so much <:3
1. Chimps
2. Kids (with ojichan faces ... WTF? O_O"")
3. Nino (O_O!!!!!!!)

by Yuki @ 16:10 2006. április 25., kedd

Nino news:
He  is in Japan again

by Yuki @ 20:10

ZOMG! Marie Claire Photoshoot w/ Jun!


by Yuki @ 13:43

Today morning I found this, and just NEED to show it!!!

Johnnys Jr. - 109109 Concert

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by Ica @ 06:26 2006. április 24., hétfő

It wasn't you, Yuki-chan, to see this pic as last... it's me. And how good is that! If I would have seen it sooner, I would post in on the blog, with a text like:

"Our village was a peaceful one, before HE came... now we have our own army, and captured him! We would exchange him for 2 cows, 5 pigs or 14 chicken"

Don't mention the Prince song, this much I can help you out anytime. ^___^
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by Ica @ 12:49 2006. április 23., vasárnap

I missed out on so much fun because of school... *sigh* It seems like I'm the last one to see this pic


taken from Nino's co-actor's blog. Yup. Second from the left.
Uuu, I miss the Internet T_T

by Yuki @ 23:06

I uploaded the mp3 of the song they were playing in G no Arashi 2006.04.19
Prince: Endorphin Machine

by Yuki @ 20:29

My fav icon of the week is graphicfighter's Ohning. It's simply awsome XD

A következő kép nem jeleníthető meg, mert hibákat tartalmaz: „http://img390.imageshack.us/img390/7560/82855027ef.gif”.

by Yuki @ 19:57

Naw, Ica's post was nice with all the handsome Jun in it <:333
Cheered me up a bit (*sigh*... those damn exam-qualifications T_T)

AIUEO - One (Promo video)

I watched the promo video of One some weeks ago. And when I watched G no Arashi the first thing I remembered was that part when Ohno started to wink at the cameraman ^^" Thisone:

I decided to post some other caps too, because it was really funny <:3 Nino and Ohno were fooling around a lot (look at nino's charming smile <:3333), and I even capped the part where Ohno was joking about BSB and their "Tell me why~" ^^" Can it be that they don't know about the amount of gaijin fans they have? Ok, ok, no philosohy. Here are the pix (Hmh. Maybe only those understand the fun about these pics, who saw this clip... watch it XD)

And which G no Arashi made me remember this?

G no Arashi 2006.04.09
  Eibando Taikai

***Airband Tournament!!!***
This part was amazing O_O
I saw some of my favourite contestants from the former parts! ^_^
The tournament started with a really talented girl! (you should watch her! she got 37/40 points) Then I could watch all the people performing their airband performances....
I was... STUNNED! They were really good!
Well, no Nino, but my favourite contestant was in the band! XD (Toshiya) They performed Prince's Endorphin Machine...
They started it really tricky.... We could only see Jun, Sho on his moving chair and Aiba. Then they stood up along with Toshiya and the performance started with Toshiya, Jun and Aiba in the front. (Look at the sign telling us about the name of the performer and the title of the number. LOL nice spelling XD... Yeah right. I'm the one to talk...)

And then they moved aside. I thought they will make place for Sho.... when Sho strated to turn around revealing Ohno!!!


Jun was so lovable during this episode! He seemed to be enjoying himself ^_^ He smiled a lot and was really alive. Just look at the pics and you'll see too ^_^
Anyway, the performance had a really good coreography! O_O

And there were some cool dancing too! :D (Although Ohno once tripped in Toshiya *can't be seen at first* And even Toshiya got a challenging part. And look at this! *points at Jun's smile* *sigh* I loved the part where Captain danced *points at Ohno*)

*Cough* And here's some "sekushii gitaaisuto" for you:

Of course there were fun parts too. Like this:
 Ohno's  Prince's "GO BABY!" shocking Sho, the drummer. XDDDDDD

This is when Ohno winked at the host..... I thought I was gonna die! LOLOLOLOL! XDDDDDDD  Riida  Captain rulz all!! XD

Anyway... later all three were answering the reporter about Fight Song standing in the front, and Ohno standing in the back silently. He looked like a person who has a really bad day. He didn't say a single word during the show. Jun turned around and took a peek at Ohno, then he turned back, and looked like if he's thinking of something, his mind wandering somewhere else, as he was putting the mic from one hand to the other. Then he suddenly interrupted Sho's sentence. "Chotto ii desu ka!" and turned to Ohno who was standing in the back all alone... "Shabette moratte ii?" (I think it is something like: Don't you want to say something?)
Ohno's answer was this smile:

(and then a cut in the scene O_O")

After all these Nino's message was played, and then the guys performed the Fight Song. This is where I realized: Arashi is just not Arashi with four guys T_T *sob*

What more can I say....
"Nice play"

by Yuki @ 17:39 2006. április 21., péntek

Today, nothing much really. Just about Utawara 2006-04-16. It seems the show has now a new image... and so does Jun. Looking at him my brothers option was: "he looks like a party-neutral person..." Watching the show again, I realised, he is right! XD
Sorry, sorry, but in Hungary it's the 2nd part of the election, and we are sooo~ tired of it! ~.~

As for the game... It will be in english. It seems it's more easy to make the game with english characters, then to use hungarian ones. It seems we can't do anything uncomplicated. ~.~"

This picture is for our Thai readers. Thank you for your visit, and mail-support for the game!

em, o-tnaw ihs-ra-A, ihs-ra-A

by Ica @ 21:58


Arashi with the costumes for Wish on stage. . . *faints with nosebleed
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by Ica @ 12:21 2006. április 20., csütörtök
All the people who have the money (not me T_T) hurry to the banks and take yerrr money out, cuz Arashi proudly presents:



Hmm... Is it me or maybe I'm not the only one who can not see a Tokyo stage? O_o

by Yuki @ 12:52 2006. április 18., kedd

Yo! Back after a long weekend. Though weekends are great, I'm sure Easter was an idea from women-hater!!!

Anyway... I had time to think, there are a few things I would like to write down, before I forget. And maybe ask for a little help as well. Don't know how many people would be interested in it, but here is the news: as my brother will have time, so as the summer begins, he'll begin to write the game. So till then I need to have a good concept.

1.) A name for the game... My suggestion is: "Arashi-Arashi want~o me!" since it would be about winning the heart of one- or another Arashi member, I think it's perfect. But I'm open for any other ideas.
2.) My brother told me, it's important to know how many characters there will be, but that's my problem, and part of the story, so no worries. ^^
3.) Question is how big the window for the game should be... and with that, how big should be the pictures..? I know, that it will be possible to play the game in full screen, but we want to make it so, that you can play it with a smaller window too. Then there is the fact, that big pictures are hard to find, in good quality, and without any text in it... and the bigger the pictures, the bigger the game.... but then if it's little, then it wouldn't be beautiful in full screen. Since I'll be the "guard of the pictures", this is my problem as well.
4.) There will be background music. But I really want to make it just one. So the question is, what should it be? It should be an Arashi song, that's for sure. My suggestion this time would be "Sketch"... listening to it here in the radioblog, I even got the feeling like it was made for game backround music a little. ^_^
But here as well, I'm open for any other ideas. Or... if Sketch would be good... another question is, if there is a karaoke version of it, and if yes, if we should use that, or listening to the lyrics (and with that there voices) is better.
5.) The language. We are hungarian, so it should be with hungarian text... but then again there are many foreign Arashi fans... but then again how many would be interested in this game? ... but then again, we don't want to make it for such big use.
6.) Where should the game play? Japan, since Arashi is there? OR Hungary, since we have better chances for self-made pictures as backgrounds, and maybe make the game a little for education about our country as well. Ok, maybe this idea seems crazy for many, but it IS a possibility, that I think I should think about.
7.) Possibilities to meet the guys in the game... that is something I will think about. The story line, text and so on is on me, but I'm interested who in what way would want to meet her favourite guy from Arashi. Then maybe make it a part of the story line. ^^
It's part of this topic: the ending. Logical way there would be 6, with each member one, and one for those, who couldn't get together with the favourite. (Hey, don't kill me for this thinking! It's a possibility!!!) Anyway... for the 6th ending, I would like to give some kind of little video as comfort-prize... and the question is what would be good for it... Just now a light bulb: one song from an Arashi concert, where you can see all 5 together singing, like how you begun to like them... How is this idea?

Till now I'm to this point... and wrote in my own notes a bit about the story-line, but like I would tell you about that!!! ^___^ Now, if someone is interested... or has good ideas for this points abowe, a line in the shoutbox, or a mail would be big help.
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by Ica @ 10:31 2006. április 15., szombat

OMG ICA!!!!!!
*waits for Rigon's game*
Mou... <:(.. I'm fighting myself into the examplaces (we have to write tests to get in. Usually 40% passes...)..
I upped a Kitto Daijoubu sample (not the whole number) to the blog's radioblog, if you wish to listen ^^"
I can't wait my money from the university to arrive... I could finally order it!!!!! *unpatient*
Oh, and a pic for today (a bit photoshopped, ne...<:D) *sigh*... I don't have time to screencap stuffs lately... T_T *didn't see the last G no Arashi and Mago Mago Arashis too* T_T

by Yuki @ 23:45
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