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Hungarian Arashi Fanblog ver. 2.2

Arashi & Karamell dansen

Arashi & Karamell dansen

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I can't get no satisfaction

  • Haha...

    Idetalaltam. :)

    • Re: Haha...

      Üdv itt XD

      Vajon hogy találtál ide?
      Ezt a dolgot direkt leválasztottam magamról mert nem tartozik szorosan a napi életemhez. ^_^;

      Úgy emlékszem freeblogos vagy/voltál de ennél többre nem emlékszek.
      • Re: Haha...

        Nem segitek, mar megoldottad. :)
        • Re: Haha...

          Bezony. Nem bírtam ki, hogy ne nézzek utánad :)
          Viszont még mindig nem jöttem rá, hogy hogy jöttél ide.
          Csak tippem lehet @_@
          • Re: Haha...

            Regi shoutcastos hozzaszolasokat neztem, onnan jutottam ide: http://a-ra-shi.freeblog.hu/ Onnan meg ide. EZ
            • Re: Haha...

              Hát szép kis utat tettél meg 8D
              Az El Camino ehhez képest smafu :D

              Ez itt amúgy csak az egyik 'comm'. A blogom az ez lett: http://yuki84.livejournal.com/
              Itt csak a japán TVről írok, azon belül is csak ezekről a hülyékről :D
              Bár... gondolom ezt már tudtad :P
  • Hello from Japan

    My name is hanna. I am Japanese. I am very very glad that I found a big fan of Arashi like you!! Now I believe that Nino said that Arashi is a very famous in the world.
    I read your recent blog and I am very sad. I hope you are fine now.
    • Re: Hello from Japan

      Hello Hanna! (^_^)//
      How are you?
      Thank you very much for writing to me! It makes me happy. (^_^)

      My name is Noémi, but everybody calls me Yuki nowadays...

      Nino was right, they are very famous. We envy Japanese fans sometimes for their contact possibilities with Arashi (._.)

      Thank you so much for your concern and care!
      Hope you are doing well!

      Do you have a favourite member from Arashi?
      Where do you live in Japan? (^_^)
      I hope that you don't mind that I ask a lot of questions~! (o_o)

      Thanks for writing <3
      Take care!
      • Thank you very very much!!

        Dear Yuki-sama
        Thank you very very much for your comment! I am very happy and I really do not mind your questions.
        I love all member of Arashi. If you ask me to pick up one of them, I will choose NINO. How abou you?
        I live in Tokyo. I understand your envy to us. If I were you, I wolud feel same! But I never ever think that I am dominant. Believe me! I let them know that there are a lot of lovely fans around the world more than they think and one day I hope they visit your country.
        Anyway,I really glad to say hello to you again. If you wonder something about Arashi's ,I will try to answer as much as I can. (But English is not my language, so sometime it will be very difficult to tell you....I will try to!)
        Take care and I hope you enjoy your life.


        ☆Yesterday,they did concert in Fukuoka. Nino and Satoshi(as Oomiya-SK) kissed!!! Jun said ya---ck!!
        • Re: Thank you very very much!!

          Dear Hanna-sama! <3
          Hello again, and thanks for writing!
          You are so kind, thank you very much for your care~
          Don't worry about the langue, english is not my first language either! (I speak Hungarian) ^_^

          I too love all members of Arashi, because that makes them a really good team~ <3
          Hmmm..... If I'd only choose one, I'd choose Satoshi, I guess. (I'm a big fan of Ohmiya SK @_@)
          I'll try to be as lgiht-hearted and art-centered as the Ohmiya SK, as smart as Sho, as natural and entertaining as Aiba, have self-consciosness as Jun. ^_^

          Thanks for supporting us, the fans from foreign lands! It means a lot to us!

          Eh Ohmiya SK kissed O_O ...
          "Seishuun daaaaa~~" as Nino would say :D
          Were you at the concert personally? 8D
          Do you buy your uchiwa, or do you have your own?

          With love,
          • SORRRRRRRY!!!!

            Dear Dear Yuki-sama
            I am so so SORRY!! for delayed e-mail!! I was not able to log in. Forgive me!!
            Japan is a rainy season now and the air is very humid and sticky!! Arashi,they finished their concert "A-Live Tour"in Hokkaido. And they are going to start around Asian Live from September. It becomes difficult to take the ticket of their concert these days. The ticket had dealings with a high price at auction of yahoo!! Depends on which seat, but I saw a price of over 10 times.
            Yuki-sama! You make me surprise a lot!! How did you know about Oomiya-SK???!! YouTube??! I like Oomiya-SK very much too. They are not just interesting and are eccentric!
            New drama "Maoo(A demon king)" started. Double co-star OOno-kun and Touma-kun. Usually O-chan has bad postureI and walk by bandy-legs. But he cures his bad habit for this drama!

            Are you interested in Uchiwa???!!! I suppose it is quite strange for you, don't you??! Don't you think it is strange our culture?!!
            I have both Uchiwa. Do you like hand-maded Uchiwa?? I like hand-maded Uchiwa and I think it is crazy but qute!

            Love Hanna

            Please give a kiss to your lovely Kittens and Puppies!
    • I'm sorry too!

      Dearest Hanna-sama!

      Please don't worry! I also delayed, because I can't read my mails regularly. PhotobucketPhotobucket

      Rainy season... hmm... It sounds really difficult to move around in the humid air PhotobucketPhotobucket
      Here, the weather is quite nice, although it also rains a lot nowadays. At least the melons will grow huge~ Photobucket
      Which season do you like the most? ^_^

      Wow... Arashi is not wasting their time! They are really hard-working! Makes me feel proud of them ^_^
      Sometimes auctins go too far. Once a ticket in 2004, was sold for 2000$. It was in the firts row on Jun's birthday.

      Oh! I'm glad to find Ohmiya SK fans all over the world ^_^/
      I got to know about Ohmiya SK through videos that other fans shared ^_^ I thought they are really funny!
      I've heard that they thought they'll only perform it once, and then they wanted to stop, because they thought the fans won't like it.
      I'm glad that they continued =^_^=
      I've notied that SK fans over here are usually really lively girls and boys who like art, and some foreign SK fans even learn the dance they did when they were singing that song "subarashii Oh-Miya-S-K!" :>

    • Sorry for replying in two pieces #_#...

      I'll soono be able to watch that drama too! I'm looking forward to it so much! they say that Oh-chan's play in it is superb! @_@
      Hope to be able to talk about it with you soon, if you'd want that too ^_^/
      I hope to see it soon. I guess that serious characters fit him a lot. I've seen a video of Shinseki Emotion, and at the part where he went berserk at the begginging.... it was stunning \\(*_*)//

      I really like uchiwa ^_^/ I don't think that it is that strange, it is just surprising when you see it at first, because you can't see anything like that in Europe. But I think it is a really good idea! *_*
      I have an Ohno uchiwa at home too. I got it from a friend, who could go to the Taiwan concert ^_^
      Hand-made uchiwa is a sign of love I think. You spend time to make one, that is why ^____^

      Thank you so much for thinking about the puppy and the kitties! you are really kind! <333



      PS: I feel so happy that you wrote! Take care!
      • I am So Happy!!

        Dearest Yuki sama

        I am so so happy that I could hear from you again!!
        Yes!! I am very happy and this is one of my favorite time♪

        There was the news with a newspaper today that NINO's drama was decided in this October. Nino said he wants to make activity as the group Arashi maine this year so I am very happy that I saw this news. The story base of Mr.Higashino.The script is Mr.Kudo. He is the scriptwriter of "KISARAZU CATS EYE" (SHO played as 'bambi')I never read Higashino's novel so I would like to read original novel before starts.

        I am happy also you are able to watch O-chan' drama! Yes! you are right he had very few opportunities to appear to a drama and he is the type of person who pours passion into the stage(Have you watched 'TENSEI-KUNG-POO'??)So this is really ununusual 'rare'!

        I have to go now!! The other day I will talk to you about Oomiya SK!!

        Anyway, you should bring with you hand-made Uchiwa!! O-chan likes ommunication with his fans very much! He can find his fan from a lot of girls. And he give us a nice smile and peace sign. He does not forget fan service.

        I will write to you very soon!

        Take care and if you are on your holiday, please Enjoy♪!!!

        See you soon and Lots of Love

        • \\(^_^)//

          Dearest Hanna sama~

          thanks so much for replying, and sorry that I can't reply so fast T_T...

          Wow! Nino's drama is really promising! Nino is a really good actor, so I'm looking forward to it~ I had a fangirl meeting this week and they were already talking about it. :D
          Well, they were also talking about the newest Ohno gossips about him smoking marijuana, of course, but we usually only laugh on such news...
          Oh right. I1ve also heard a rumour about a Nino solo concert... do you think it'll become a reality? ._.

          Yes, I've watched that butai! ^_^
          He's really expressive whne it comes to acting~ #_#

          What you wore is really encouraging! <3
          I've once heard Ohno likes to communicate with fans a lot! Is it ture that if you write something on an uchiwa, asking him to do, he'll do it? :O
          I also heard that he sometimes gives his towel or drink to fans ... #_#
          He really does a great fanservice >_<

          How did you get to know Arashi? ._.
          Was it through a member? Or did a friend tell you about them?

          Thanks for those kind wishes! I'm heading for the sea in Greece now. Hope to read from you soon <3

          Please enjoy the summer!

          Lots of love~!

          Yuki ^_^
          • Enjoy?? Yes or NO?

            My Dearest Yuki-sama

            Long time no seen you!! I missed you!
            How are you? Do you enjoy your summer? Me?? Oh! I have to work during summer so I will take a holiday on October! I would like to stay Greece oneday, my grandmother visited to there and she told me Greece is very mysterious and beautiful place! My place is boring
            for me, sometime.......
            I look forward to very much of NINO's dorama! 'Ryu-sei No Kizuma'(The bond of the meteor) We will certainly witness a surprising his performance and we will see his new side of his talent! I bought the book but I do not have enough time to read and I am lazy, too.
            Oh!!!You heard about Oono's gossips! The photograph which was taken three years ago and he denied the rumor
            . Nobody knows!! But As for having marijuana, it caused a delay in there works. After it became rare that we watched the commercial of the telephone on TV Oono's solo version. An objection entered at the company of the commercial that they appeared. The reason is because corporate image worsens. Also the rumor to be called off had the 24 television.
            But we just believe him, if he say NO! It is No.

            Yes!!!! You are right ヾ(@>▽<@)ノ
            Oono-kun he takes good care of his fan very much! If you write something your uchiwa(EX. "throw me kiss" "Do a peace sign" "Wave your hand" etc....)he will do and he will try to answer as much as possible. Also he used to give a fans his towel, pet bottle after having drunk.(I saw SHO and JUN did too.) But the struggle was intense so now they stopped to do! ( They throw signature paper(Shiki-shi) to our seat, still.)

            I really try to take a tiket if you are able to come to Japan, someday. I really promise! I am going to live with my boyfried this year, you are very welcome to stay my house! ( I think that you like my dog)

            lots of love Hanna
            • Re: Enjoy?? Yes or NO?

              Dearest Hanna-sama!

              I'm so sorry. I thought I've replied you before I disapeared from the internet :(
              I disappeared, because I've moved into the capitol, into a dorm, and I couldn't get internet access immediately :(

              I hope you'll forgive me :(

              I worked in the summer too #_# Ususally works like painting (walls, window frames etc)... So it was boring, but at least I was not alone ^_^

              You should really visit Greece. It is beautiful (for me at least). People are really friendly and happy there, which gives the country an extra relaxing feature <3
              I guess everyone experiences something like feeling their place is boring :P To some people that might be a dreamplace! :O
              Why do you feel like that? :3

              Where I live now has a limitation on uploading and downloading, so I'll need to wait a bit, until I can put my hands on the dorama #_#
              But I'll need to watch it >_< By the way... I saw some Nino screencaptions from Arashi no Shukudaikun, and he looks soooo handsome @_@

              O_O... I didn't know about the ting with the commercials! That is soawful :( I feel sorry for Ohno. He has to go through things like that because of some photos >_>

              :O Struggle became that intense? Hmmm... The fans did bad to themselves this way, I guess :( Have you ever caught any of those thrown things? :3

              Wooow! You are so kind! Thank you for your offer! I really appreciate your kindness~~ m(_ _)m
              If you'll ever come to my country, please stay in our house!

              you have a dog? :D wow~ Uhm... would you mind shwing a picture, if you have any? I love animals <3
              I also own pets \(^_^)/

              Sorry again for replying so late, and I hope this will reach you somehow >_<

              With Love,
  • Hello from Japan!

    Hello! I'm a Japanese fan of ARASHI!
    Today I have found your blog! I'm so excited that there are hungarian fans of ARASHI! It's great! I'm going to visit your blog so often! By the way, this is my blog
    please visit and leave your comment!
    Marschallin from Japan
    • Re: Hello from Japan!

      Dear Marschallin!

      I'm sorry for not replying for a long time :(
      I'm happy that you found us! ^_^
      I'll take a look at your blog now~
      Thanks for commenting here. Internet is really awsome for letting people living in countries far away meet this way :)

      I'm sorry for the late reply again.
      Take care!

      Yuki from Hungary
  • Yaay! this was really funny I loved it ^^
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